The Company was created in July 2016 for the creation in Paris of the solo, Boucle, the first part of a triptych on the theme of "Us".

The second part is created in 2018 with the duet Reflet. These two pieces are distributed in France and internationally (Italy, Poland, Vietnam ...).

In 2019, the company worked on a recreation of Reflet merging the first two chapters of this triptych into a one-hour piece.

In parallel, it is developing a creation project in Vietnam with a Vietnamese team in collaboration with the French Institutes of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City as well as the academies of dance, circus and cinema.

It also collaborates regularly with other partners for specific events (Kubilai Khan investigations, Cité des Sciences, Maison de la radio, Fête de la musique in Geneva...).

In 2021, the meeting with Elodie ALLARY marks a turning point for the company. Following the creation of a duet, the two choreographers decide to join forces. Mixing their different universes, they start the third part: Entre Deux.

Artistic Team

Team pics - Xuan

Xuan Le

Artistic director and choreographer

Previously a freestyle slalom competitor (French champion and 6th in the world in 2009), Xuan LE quickly became involved in dance. By merging these two disciplines, he creates a hybrid and mixed material.

He collaborates with several choreographers and integrates in particular: the French company Käfig of Mourad Merzouki, the Cirque Eloize of Montreal, the Opera du Capitole of Toulouse or the Danish company Next Zone of Lene Boel.

His experiences as a performer allow him to develop his own universe at the crossroads of dance, circus and visual arts.

In 2016, he created the Xuan Le company in order to devote himself to his own choreographic writing.

Team pics -  Elodie

Elodie Allary

Choreographer and performer

Graduated major of promotion from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse de Lyon in classical dance, Elodie works in different opera houses such as the Opéra National de Paris, Tours, the Capitole de Toulouse and the Opéra de Lyon, notably with the choreographer Démis Volpi.

At the same time, she became a performer in different classical and contemporary companies such as the Ballets de France, the Sohrâb Chitan Company, Estelle Danvers, Halte Garderie, Choryphée, Def Maira...

Wishing to diversify her horizons, she joined the José Montalvo Company and the musical Gone With The Wind on tour in China as well as EIIa...iI était une fois l'amour as an actress, singer and assistant choreographer. In Hip Hop, she dances for the company Revolution of Anthon Egea in Uppercut.

Following her first creation Aimants with the artist Xuan Le, Elodie decided to become co-choreographer of the company. Mixing their two worlds, the show Entre Deux is born.

Technical Team

Team pics - Paul
Light creator

Paul is a lighting technician and creator. He has a BTS in stage management and a degree in plastic arts, after obtaining a professional baccalaureate in lighting technology. He then worked for structures such as La Colline, l'Odéon, Nanterre Amandier, La Comédie de Reims, the Festival d'Avignon, while at the same time ensuring the technical direction of festivals in Africa.
He currently devotes himself to scenography and lighting design for theater and dance companies such as Xuan Le, Modes d'Emplois or Difekako.
He joins the company in 2019 on the project of recreation Reflet.

Team pics - Maureen
Light creator

Maureen discovered the artistic world through dance, but she entered the professional world by becoming interested in light in all its forms and by studying photography for 4 years.
When she discovered Pierre Rigal's play Standard(s), she decided to go into the performing arts. To achieve this, she entered the CFPTS and did her apprenticeship at the Théâtre du Rond-Point in Paris. She worked for both companies and theaters in Paris (the Rond-Point, the Théâtre du Soleil, the Gaité Lyrique, the MAC de Créteil).
She joined the Xuan Le Company in the fall of 2018 for the creation of Reflet.

Team pics - Nolwen
Stage manager

Nolwen entered the artistic world by practicing theater since childhood. She began studying at the Faculty of Theatre and the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts with a view to becoming a professional. She then discovered the technical professions that are linked to it, became interested in them and decided to make them her profession. Particularly attracted by the stage, she began by training in stage machinery and set construction, then trained at the CFPTS in stage management for 2 years, where she learned at the Auditorium Theatre of Poitiers. At the same time, she developed personal projects in cinema decoration and in stage design/construction for a collective. She works in various Parisian theaters and joins the Xuan Le Company in the fall of 2020 on the project of recreation of Reflet.

Team pics - Jules
Musical creator

At the age of 14, Jules discovered the world of electronic music creation. From 2009 he started to create live music while continuing to create particularly techno and hard techno. Graduated from a cinema degree in Aubagne, he works since 2015 as a sound engineer at MAIA studio.
Curious, he is looking for new sounds and transversality in his experiences, especially in the field of musical creation in the image and in dance. In 2016, he joined the Xuan LE Company by integrating the creation team of Boucle.

Team pics - Peggy
Costume creator

It is through the meeting of two passions, dance and design, that Peggy turned to clothing design. After several years of training in Orleans, Barcelona, Paris and London, she joined Alberta Ferretti's design office as a stylist. Curious about new technologies in textiles, she developed more experimental projects for the Shanghai World Expo, among others.
In parallel to her activity in fashion, notably with the launch of her own line Peggy H. in 2009 and the artistic direction of fashion shows, she has been collaborating for more than 10 years in the design of costumes for dance and theater (Philippe Decouflé company, Olivia Granville, Guy Freixe, Franco Dragone, Akram Khan).
She joined the Xuan LE Company by integrating the creation team of Boucle, in 2016.

Team pics - Djalel
Djalel CHIB
Costume creator