A hybrid and mixed show at the crossroads of contemporary dance, hip hop and visual arts.

Through a choreographic language with subtle gestures that transports us into an intense and meditative energy flow, Xuan Le, weightless on his rollerblades, takes us on a journey about the origins and the relationship we weave with movement in our lives.

The Odyssey continues with a duet that questions the duality of being through a search for balance and a reflection on one's own inner work.
The dancers embody an encounter with the other but also and especially with oneself...

A visual, minimalist and sensory scenography where light and sound effects are in permanent evolution in harmony with the dancers.

The public finds itself at the heart of an initiatory and emotional journey where the art of touching the immaterial comes to life. Transported into this other dimension, he finds himself projected in a vaporous and light sensation facing the unreal and poetry.

Art Director Xuan LE
Choreography & Interpretation Elodie ALLARY
Xuan LE
Lighting creation Paul ARGIS
Musical creation Jules EVRARD
Design and creation of costumes Peggy HOUSSET
Stage management Nolwen Duquenoy
Time 40 min


Le Pont des Arts - City of Cesson Sévigné

Partners and supporters

La Villette, Paris
Theater of Poissy
CCN of Créteil and Val de Marne / Cie Käfig - Dir. Mourad MERZOUKI
Resident of the Laboratory of Urban Cultures and Public Space of the CENTQUATRE, Paris
Réservoir Danse - Le Garage, Rennes
MJC La Paillette, Rennes
Dance Center of the Urban Community Grand Paris Seine et Oise
Creation in residence with the support of the City of Longeville Sur Mer
Fr Skates