Entre Deux

Entre Deux is a project born from the meeting of two artists with mixed styles and origins, Elodie Allary and Xuan Le, whose choreographic language is at the crossroads of contemporary and classical dance, urban and visual arts.

Interested in the notion of duet, they decide to revisit and create different tableaux that can exist independently as performances.

Built in such a way as to be able to adapt to different spaces, they can intertwine and propose several variations on the theme of the duality of being. Today, different forms of the show ranging from 5 to 40 minutes are proposed in theaters as well as outside the walls.

This show is an invitation to a sensory and emotional journey reflecting the different stages of life.

Choreography and interpretation Elodie ALLARY
Xuan LE
Interactive lighting design Claudio CAVALLARI
Lenaïc PUJOL
Musical creation Alexandre DAI CASTAING
Design and creation of costumes Peggy HOUSSET
Djalel CHIB
Time 5 to 40 min


Le Pont des Arts - City of Cesson Sévigné

Partners and supporters

CCN of Créteil and Val de Marne / Cie Käfig - Dir. Mourad MERZOUKI
The National Center of Dance of Pantin
Fr Skates